CBUA is committed to a Bible centered education for all. The Bible is our foundation for every class in every discipline.


CBUA faculty include CBU faculty, are committed to the Biblical worldview, and have a high level of academic and service accomplishment.


CBUA utilizes AgathonEDU’s ELUX, a sequence and customization of powerful SIS and LMS tools to maximize Learner access and success.


CBUA is committed to the lowest possible cost for Learners and their families. We depend on the generosity of our partners to provide access to anyone committed to learning.


CBUA is developed to meet the needs of especially of parents who want to have an active role and impact in your child’s education.

Records Enrollment




Home educator records and transcripts provided and maintained by Colorado Biblical University Academy (K-12)



$280 per year

Courses on Demand


– $160 per course (Non-graded or Parent graded)


– $260 per course (CBUA graded)


– Courses typically include 10 modules made up of 17 units per module (170 total units)


Full Grade Enrollment

Includes curriculum, video content, grading, and records management. Does not include materials and books:

Kindergarten $900 per year

1st Grade $1100 per year

2nd-8th Grade $1300 per year

9th-12th Grade $2100 per year *

*(Includes dual enrollment college credit through Colorado Biblical University)

Tutoring and Learner Workshops

Tutoring – $480 (12 weekly 1-hour sessions)

Learner Workshops – $20 per Learner per workshop