Now Enrolling

Tutoring – $480 (12 weekly 1-hour sessions).

Learner Workshops – $20 per Learner per workshop

Courses On-Demand – $160 per course (Non-graded or Parent graded) / $260 per course (CBUA graded). Courses typically include 10 modules made up of 17 units per module.

Program Enrollment – Includes curriculum, video course content, grading, and records management. Does not include materials and books:

Kindergarten $900 per year

1st Grade $1100 per year

2nd-8th Grade $1300 per year

9th-12th Grade $2100 per year *

*(Includes dual enrollment college credit through Colorado Biblical University)

Records Enrollment – Home educator records and transcripts (K-12) – $280 per year.